You’re even cuter on your toes. -H

I am not tiny, Harold Styles!!! *stands on my tip toes* -L

*stops and puts you down, holding you steady and pressing a kiss to your cheek* You’re so tiny. S’cute. -H

*squeals and giggles like mad, holding onto you for dear life* -L

Won't be the first or last time haha


*laughs and spins you around* -H

I will. Hopefully they don't get me all wet like last time

Good luck with that, i doubt you’ll come out of there anything less than dripping -L

*can’t help but to giggle when you pick me up* Haroldddd! *kicks my feet cutely* -L

Well he’s not wrong. You always look soft. *follows you into the kitchen and wraps my arms around you from behind* You’re very soft. Perfect for cuddling. -H

I know. Bentley told me I looked “soft” the other day. And I’m still pouting at you, Harold. *goes into the kitchen* -L

Louuuuu. *follows after you* If it helps, you look adorably tired today.-H

I will. I'm gonna go give Loki and Thor a bath

Have funnnn :) -L

*pouts* Well you’re just the epitome of flattery today. Bumhead *walks away* -L

You? Running? I don’t believe it. *smiles* -H

I called your mum and begged her to take them, any of them for just an hour the other day so I could go for a run. I don’t run. Ever. That’s how bad it was. -L