You're welcome:) but I bet Harry looks after you the whole time:)

He does but that means i cant scratch! -L

Anonymous said:
What's wrong with your weight?

I have EDs -L

Anonymous said:
ooc I love the fake tweets haha

Ooc thaaaanks

Anonymous said:
Both red

Seven insecurities: My weight, my thighs, my stomach, my voice, my football skills, that my kids will hate me, that I’ll never be as good of a husband that H deserves. -L

yeah I know I had them when I was younger... the worst thing is that you can't scratch them and there is always someone behind you to tell you not to scratch ughhh!! my arm and back itch just when I think of it ahhh

Someone? Try H, Anne, Gemma and me mum :( :( -L

Yellow:) and I hope you get well soon😘

Five turn ons: Harry’s smile, Harry biting his lip, Harry’s lanky, tan body, Harry’s fist pump during Teenage Dirtbag, Harry’s dick.

And thank you, love :) -L

indigo haha :) and umm you didn't have chickenpox when you were a kid? 'cause as I know it's worse when you're an adult :(

Two weaknesses: H and my kids and no, I never did :( They’re so itchy. -L

do it.

*nods and starts scratching again* -L

*frowns* shhh baby, it’s alright. I’ll get some special cream for you, alright? -H