😘😘😘😘😘😘 -L

No but let's be positive

Okay, yeah. -L

I'll be okay

Are you sure? -L

can we talk then?

I said yesss -L

Dead eggs I guess I dunno

:( this isnt good Li -L

I jsut wish I had someone to talk to about how I am feeling

Im here -L

Shut up :( this is terrible. I was supposed to stop bleeding last night/yesterday.

Do they know why you havent? -L

i jsut alaways feel alone Louis

:( im sorry babe -L

Lou you are so sweet.

Thank you :) -L

I feel like a woman on her period :(

Ewwww -L

I won't stop bleeding :(

:( they need to give you clotting meds -L

can we talk in private

Yeah sure -L

but how can you like me and not know anytihgn about me

Because you like me so i like you -L

Do you like me

Of course -L

Minus the pain in my stomach and constant bleeding I'm fine

:( I wanna give you a hug -L