Hiiiiii. We're happily married and we have two boys and a princess: Will, Bentley, and Isabella. You can ask us whatever you'd like :) -Louis & Harry

(Warning: **Roleplay** Mention of self harm. May contain triggers)

      curly-met-fringe asked "I'm so happy for you :))"

      I’m going to guess this is for me so Thank you! :) -L

          You do?! That’s awesome, buddy! When did you get so big? And learn so many new words?! *kisses all over his face* I love you so so much, Will. -L

            I potect them. I good for Papa. *smiles big, showing off his dimples* I go wee on potty. -Will

              *tears up and tries not to cry* Hi my little bean! I missed you so much!!! *gets him out and hugs him, kissing him all over his face* Look how big you’ve gotten!!! Were you good for papa? Did you help him with your brother and sister? -L

                *gets in the front and lets you see the babies* -H

                *looks over at you* DAA MISS YOU HUG KISS!!! -Will

                  *bites my lip and smiles big* thank you, baby. *stands on my tip toes again and kisses you* *pulls back and outs them in the car then opens the door to the backseat* -L

                    They’re in the car. But look. *hands you the flowers and chocolates, smiling big and blushing like crazy* these are for you. -H

                      *giggles loudly and kisses you again* Where are my munchkins?? *looking down at you with a big smile on my face* -L

                        I missed you too. It was so hard. *holds you to me tightly* but I got my Louis back. *sits up on the hood of the car, still holding you and lays back* -H

                          *kisses back then hugs you tight* I missed you so much. -L

                            Boo!! *sets the things on the hood of the car and cups your face* I missed you!! *leans in and kisses you deeply* -H

                              *walks out, rolling my luggage beside me* *sees you and smiles big* *drops my bag and runs to you, jumping up into your arms and wrapping my arms and legs around you* -L