Anonymous said:
Did you get my 'Zayn' suggestion? I don't care if you use it or not. I just never know if my asks go through. They hardly ever do with any account -.-

We did! We may do it, but not sure

Anonymous said:
whos emily

Our first child that I miscarried -L

*tears up when I read about Emily, me and Pez, the drugs, and bursts out into tears when I start reading about the affair* -L

*theres entries about everything, us dating and coming out, the engagement, the wedding, you and pez, my scitzo, Emily, drugs, the kids, then the affair*

Anonymous said:
ooc when do you start then?

I’ll enrol this week some time -H

Welcome, baby. *goes back to our room and continues to read your journal* -L

Anonymous said:
ooc so whats online school like?

OOC haven’t started it yet, but the program I’m going to use is called ICS.

Anonymous said:
Harry would you be mad if louis read your journal from the X factor? I didn't think you would be, but I'm just wondering ☺️

Well the xfactor part is fine, but it has personal things in it, completely private. For me only. -H

Anonymous said:
ooc are both of you in school right now?

OOC I wouldn’t start until Wednesday, but I’m doing it online anyway - ‘H’

*smiles* thanks boo, *washes and plays with the twins* -H

Sure, babe. And yeah, they do. *helps you in them gets the twins and puts them in with you* There you go *smiles* -L

Um, I think I’m gonna have a bath. Can you help me in? And do any of the kids needs a bath? The twins maybe? -H

Anonymous said:
Go and check my dude

I will in a minute -L

Anonymous said:
See what he wrote when you cheated

I dunno if that’s in there -L

Anonymous said:
Why are you reading Harry's journal?

I dunno -L